Treasure hunt

Make some lasting memories with this fun Pot of Gold Treasure hunt!  I have been doing this tradition for the last couple years with the boys and they look forward to it every year.  My kids have the greatest time working together following the clues and searching for their “treasure” from the tricky leprechauns.   Here is what I do along with a free printable of all the clues.  

Follow these easy steps to create your fun Saint Patrick’s day treasure hunt this year! 

Step 1 Collect green toys, treats and gifts  for the “treasure”. I have found most of these at the dollar tree and Target.  

Some “treasure” ideas:  Sour cream and onion Pringles, Lucky Charms cereal, shamrock shaped light up glasses, GoGo Squeeze applesauce, green bubbles, legos



Step 2 Print and cut the printable pot of gold treasure hunt cards  the day before Saint Patrick’s day.  Tap here for the Saint Patricks day treasurehunt 1

2022 Treasure hunt here: Treasure hunt 2022

2023 Treasure hunt here: treasurehunt2023

Step 3Place the treasure hunt cards in the spots for the kids to find the night before.The first pot of gold note should be laid out where they can find it in the morning along with clue number 1.  Clue 2 should be hidden where their books are.  Clue 3 should be in the oven.  Clue 4 should be in the bathtub.  Clue 5 should be in the dirty clothes hamper.  Clue 6 should be under their pillow.  The last pot of  gold note should be outside with their “Treasure”.  

Hope you decided to use this free printable this Saint Patrick’s day!  If you do, tag me on instagram @stayathomecircus, I would love to see.  Also, share with me some family traditions you and your family have in the comments below.   

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